Make an impact through communities.
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Who's behind the website..

Hi, I'm Biswa!

In this website, I try to share the lessons learnt while working with communities, to the world.

I truly believe, everybody deserves to connect or create communities for the purpose they care about.
And; brands to extend the human touch and reiterate their mission to customers or audience.

I build purposeful communities.

Get in touch with me if you want the resources to build one for yourself, or optimise an existing one.

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Here's my Blog

biswajeeta the memer

All My Memes

Not a lot of people know about this, but I create marketing memes in my free time. I take inspiration from my experience and develop

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Tools are just tools

Tools are just tools The past three/four months have been really busy for me. I’ve been learning workings of two softwares/tools, namely ‘Sprinklr’ and ‘Adobe

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