Broken Funnel is as Bad as Broken Promises

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A purchase funnel is a consumer focused marketing model which illustrates the journey of a prospective customer to become a customer. It often starts with awareness stage and ends with a certain action.

The website visitor/prospective customer often goes through all the stages before converting to a customer.

If you are reading this post, then maybe you found this post on my social media feed or through Google search. You are in your awareness stage. By the end of this article, if you like my post and wish to get updates like these from me in your inbox, i.e, you are considering getting more article in your inbox, you are in consideration stage. If you’ll subscribe to my blog posts- you are in your decision stage. Voila – that’s your journey.

For a brand, its imperative to lead the consumer through each phase otherwise you might just miss a lead or a customer. Missing a step in communicating your message to the visitor is something I call as “Broken Funnel”

broken marketing funnel
Let’s talk about Broken Funnel through an example.

Here’s an amazing initiative by Stayfree – #ProjectFreePeriod with a Call to Action – Join us as a trainer.  The video talks about how sex workers in India consider their menstruation cycle as an escape from their regular routine. During those breaks, Stayfree, along with an NGO ‘Prerna’, are providing vocational training on embroidery, basic beautician course, candle making and more to these sex workers.

Now, this video does an excellent job of capturing the emotion, but what after that?

There is no registration form for the people who want to get involved. Awareness, consideration, decision. The three stages of any funnel is an important aspect for any (ANY) landing page! Just one step is missing here and its costing the brand.


stayfree broken funnel
The comment has been taken from the YouTube video. The people who were interested couldn’t find the next step, as you can see, the comments are also not addressed.





A scene from the video


Snip from the landing page.



Source: Landing page:

YouTube video:

Have you ever come across a Broken Funnel? Let me know in comments!
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