Tools are just tools

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Tools are just tools

The past three/four months have been really busy for me.

I’ve been learning workings of two softwares/tools, namely ‘Sprinklr’ and ‘Adobe Photoshop.’

For the sake of keeping it simple, let’s just say Sprinklr is the ONE software for enterprise businesses’ social media needs.

Adobe Photoshop needs no introduction, I believe.

Even though I am not an expert in these, I would love to share my perceptions on learning a tool the right way.

1. Tools are just tools:

Tools are made to solve real world problems. They make your life easy if you know what exactly you’re solving.

2. Approach learning keeping in mind your goal:

Learning a tool with an end in mind, makes it so damn easy for you to reach it. Here are some ways to do that:

2a. Get in touch with the support team/customer success:

Anyone who is in direct touch with your client. who could elaborate the problem your client is facing, get that use case and document it if you think it’s an FAQ

2b. Create personas:

Keep yourself in the shoes of your customer, come up with as many questions you could and solve them. Create the exact persona of your target audience. Answer their questions using your tool.

3. Be visual:

Use the good ole notebook and pen or mind maps to visualize what you’re trying to achieve using that tool

4. There will be no one solution for a problem:

1+3 = 4
2+2 = (surprise, surprise!) 4

To solve one problem, there are chances of having multiple approaches to solve it using that tool. You have to have your fundamentals in place to avoid getting confused.

Am I missing something here? Let me know in comments!

(Disclaimer: I work with Sprinklr, learn more about Sprinklr here)

I’ve created an Instagram account to display my photoshop folio, feel free to follow it here

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