Mission Driven Communities

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One of the reasons why brands would want to start their own communities is because they want to reiterate their WHYs.

How else would you be uniting your advocates or customers in a single platform? And in turn, unite them over a mission.
Through communities.

Successful brand communities help reinstate their mission among the users in the most apparent way possible – by providing value to them.

Here are some of the missions that brand communities are solving:

Notion: Productivity, self improvement, design, management made easy through the tool
Nike+: Motivation to get fitness updates and lead a healthy lifestyle

Canva Design Circle: Democratise graphic designing by making it accessible to everyone with an internet connection!

Fitbit Community: Discuss health related goals and share wellness journey.

Salesforce Trailblazer Community: Motivates and supports Salesforce admins, developers, users and consultants.

Spotify Community: Find solutions, share ideas and discuss music with other people who love it.

Are you still wondering if communities are worth it?
They always were and will be.
Start investing in communities now.

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