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There has never been a right time to set your record straight on social media. Yes, yours.

If you are worried about using social media for your ‘designer/artist’ brand in the right way, this primer, will help you getting started.


Now, you are not a stranger to social media either. You post, you retweet, you share too, but why don’t your numbers increase? Maybe because you never had a look past the numbers. Likes, followers may look like Maths to you, but there’s science behind it. Okay, without confusing you any further – let’s get into it.

First things first, auditing your current SMM effort:

Ask yourself these questions:  The WHYs

  •  Do you want to get connected to designers or your community?
  • Do you want more sales?
  • Do you want more clients?
  • Do you want to teach?

Based on the WHY – We will depict your HOW

If you want to get connected to designers or your community –

  • Create your own Behance/Dribbble/DeviantArt account
  • Showcase your designs
  • Get social, connect with other desginers, reach out to them, invite them for interviews etc.

Do you want more Sales –

  •  Create Etsy shop for your merch or selling your designs.
  • Optimise your account – have the feature for the people to get in touch with you
  • Build your portfolio on the social media front, by showcasing the types of designs you have done/can do.
  • Partner with other designers to collaborate.

Do you want more clients –

Think hard about where your clients will be?
Product/Start up owners? Account Managers for ad-agencies?

Build a persona – your ideal client and think about where do they hang out?

Here are some ways:

  1. Founders/Startup communities are a great way to push your campaigns – for example, giving away one of your designs to 5 founders from the group, maybe 50% discount for the next ones who get in touch with you.

    You can do an initial survey for them so that you choose the best person to work with.
    You may tell them to spread the word in the community/communities – this will help in getting referrals.
    Ask those people to give you out a testimonial. You can use that testimonial to for your social media accounts.
    While taking up the work – you may go for an Instagram series/YouTube series and do BTS. This example has only one campaign and you’re already getting lots of content ideas.

  2. Give out your business card: Make your business card quirky, so that you try to be on their top of the mind. Try to talk to the founders by meeting them in events/meetups.

  3. Talk to event organisers to display your designs. Take the founders email addresses or phone numbers, who were interested in your designs, you could just drop them a cold email. TIP:

    Have a template for cold emailing ready

    In the meanwhile, do not forget to fill your account with your work, because one the word is out on the street, you WILL get visitors to your profile, you need to hook them up by optimizing it the right way.

  1. Have your Products/Packages ready: Make a way to display all the design elements that’s needed for a start-up/business and have the pricing points ready for people.
  2. Try partnerships with Ad-agencies/outlets: Ad agencies would often go for people who are already with them, sometimes its okay be the backup designer for help.

Goal: Do you want to teach?

  • Then, create an Online course

Read this blog by Thinkific to start your online course.
Thinkific also provides its platform to host one online course for free. This could act as a testing ground for you.
A warning: An online course comes with it’s own nitty-gritties, you may want to check the blog first before going ahead with it.

If you don’t want to go the course way, you can also set up classes by setting up a zoom webinar and an Instamojo account that will act as a house for information and a way to collect the fess.

Few ongoings to take care of:

  • Survey your current customers about their pain points:

Getting new customers is difficult, retention is not.

Over-communicate your value to them. Ask your current/previous customers if they are happy with your designs.

Offer them free services if they are not. People value this and will in-turn return this favor by referring you.

You will also get more testimonials for your blog/social media.

  • Get regular inspiration:

Do competitive analysis – analyse the desginers who your admire.
Link for competitive analysis template: Link
Record your findings and action items for your brand.

 Planning and scheduling social media for your brand:

Document your findings in one place, dump your inspiration and ideas in a folder.
Use the content calendar template to make the perfect calendar for your social media.

To save your time, you are going to use Content scheduler to post the items in batches.

Twitter: Tweetdeck
Facebook and Instagram: Creator Studio

  • Monthly Content Calendar:

Make one for your accounts.
Link to how to make a calendar for your brand by Social Media Examiner.

Tools of the trade:

Tools for Instagram:


  • Use Story features to drive engagement: Quiz feature, Boomerang, layouts etc. Link to Hootsuite blog that will get your creative juices flowing (not that you don’t already have it 😀 )
  • Preview App (Link)
  • InShot video editor
  • HyperLapse to take time-lapse videos
  • ReGram your favorite account’s designs

Bio links:

  • Sked Links
  • Shorby
  • LinkTree
  • by Later

That’s it for now.

Overwhelmed? Schedule a call with me to help you implement this calendar for your account.
Just mail me at [email protected] with subject line “This artist needs your help.” And I will reply with convenient time for a screen-sharing session.

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