What do social media marketers do and love doing?

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If you think that we hang out on social media and just keep posting every now and then, well yes, we do that, but a lot of thought and plan goes into it.

I speak for all social media marketers, when I say that:

We love the art of written communication

If you’re reading this, we love it that you’re reading this! We bring value to whatever content we produce, we try to persuade our clients to do the same. If the content doesn’t arouse any emotion, or it doesn’t help you, then its a waste of your time. We don’t want that! We know that your attention span is less than 4 secs now!

We listen too! Replying to the comments and DMs on business pages doesn’t get overlooked, thanks to us.

We don’t see social media as one area of marketing, we rather see it as a tool for an integrated marketing approach

We try to merge social media into all other channels of marketing, namely email marketing, SMSes, traditional ad billboards – you name it. Thanks to us, you get those annoying SMSes, spam emails and newsletter, but we would never EVER send it without your consent. The next time you ponder on why am I getting this mail, think hard when was the last time you filled up an online form. Probably, after that, you’d get a email asking you to confirm that you want to subscribe – that’s how we got your mail.

We think about ROI

We create strategies that is well within budget of marketing, and ensure that our clients achieve return on investment as well.

We build brands

We speak for the brand. We know a brand means promise. We maintain that promise in digital media. We do not try to please everyone, we have our target audience to reach to, we have our clear objectives to achieve. If you’re thinking maintaining the brand through attaching the brand logo is what we do, you cant be more wrong. Whatever goes out to the public, goes through several iterations, corrections, and approvals to maintain the brand tone and image.

We write to inspire action

The “Register Now”, “Call us Today!” “Buy Now” “Check the deal” “Learn More”, and “Sign up” are all our babies. We use these call to actions to inspire action in the digital world.

Marketers all around are trying to fight spammer and scammers. Be careful who you are providing your personal information like phone numbers and email to, those might just land onto a scammers database.

Being flexible, ability to think on out feet is a part of our job. The field that we are in, changes over night. Trust me, nothing is more frustrating than looking at a skill that we acquired last night becoming obsolete the next day.

We learn and unlearn and then learn again fast.

How do we do it?

Well, we have an amazing community of marketers that helps us in this journey. We have forums and groups when people come together to hang out and discuss the challenges and celebrate the victories.

So, yeah, that becomes less of a burden when we are together.

This list is just a part of what we do, beside being extremely passionate about digital media. We are part graphic designers, part analysts, part writers, huge risk takers. We love it. And no, it is not a “Hanging out on social media” job.

Do you think I missed something?

Let me know in comments below:

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