WhatsApp community mini case study

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Recently I took a 3 day program on sales.
It was a great three day workshop with loads of learning but what really struck me is the way the owner was engaging with the community on WhatsApp.
Now if I look into his business model, I could clearly see that this WhatsApp group is not the only community he manages.

And I love the fact that he actually takes so much time to engage and help whoever has enrolled in the program.

I have seen people doing this emails, but emails are getting lost nowadays. To avoid that, he texts in the WhatsApp group that he has emailed something with the subject line so and so, go check.

Think about the top of mind recognition after this.

He has successfully integrated community in his business and is providing tremendous value through the group.
He has his students in a self-hosted platform.
He has his students in a Facebook group.
and of course: the WhatsApp group.

I am assuming that I had taken his top of the funnel (TOFU) program of the trip wire he’s offering.
With a team of 3-5 people, if this is the effort and time he’s giving to the people in TOFU program, then we can most definitely break this up according to the ticket size and come up with hypothesis about his engagement strategy.

To make it simple for you to understand, I have made a funnel-wise visualisation of his engagement type:

Community Management: Time and effort of a Sales Coach

Is this something you’d like to implement with your community?

Comment below if yes!

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