Xtensio – Tool to create your user persona

Are you worried about creating your User Persona?
User persona of your target audience is the first step to creating any kind of marketing strategy.


Let’s just agree to this – if you are selling to everybody- then you are selling to NOBODY!
Get to know your target persona first, then move on to solve their problem.

Being a fan of Hubspot, I cant stress enough the importance of creating a proper target audience User Persona that helps delivering your marketing tactics, effectively. That’s the very first thing we marketers learn before getting our hands dirty in strategies.

Personas are the fictional characters that represent your brand’s target audience. Various psycho-graphic traits like needs, goals, frustrations, aspirations, desire of the target are assessed so that your brand could help solve it.

It becomes difficult sometimes to think about what to think about and what not to.
Enter Xtensio – a template builder that has free templates to build almost anything.
Their User Persona folio is easy to use and encompasses almost every point to think about while creating a User Persona.

Use Xtensio now for easy User Persona creation.
Link: https://xtensio.com/

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